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Here's What to Expect After Contacting Us





Whether you call us or fill out our contact form, we are ready to immediately get started on meeting your goals with planning out your video. Our team is ready to take action as soon as you reach out!

  • Call Us or Fill Out Our Contact Form for an Immediate Quote.

  • Want Help With Brainstorming Ideas for Your Video? We Are Here to Help!

Included with your cost estimate will be a free document of visual ideas that we believe will best achieve your goals. We will send you two PDF files:


The cost estimate and a storyboard. 

  • If You Want High Quality Custom Video Made for an Affordable Price, Contact Us Today!

  • As Soon As We Receive Your Project Details, We Will Begin Planning Right Away!

If you need any adjustments made to your storyboard and proposal before booking, we are here for you. Just let us know any refinements you would like so that we have a perfect strategy for a successful video shoot!

The Most Successful Videos Are Planned With These 4 Elements In Mind


(Goal Success)




Let us know any information about why you are wanting video production services and we will fine tune the video to meet your goals!


(Content Ideas)

Whether you have a plan or need creative help, we’ll work with you to ensure a great final product. You can also join us via Zoom for a live stream of the shoot for real-time shot approval, or watch on-site with a TV setup.


(Filming Location)

If you already have a filming location in mind, that's fantastic! If not, no worries, we offer two huge production studios with customizable sets, we can also scout and secure the perfect location for you.



We’re here to work with you to meet your deadline for the final edited video. Need a quick turnaround? No problem! Prefer a more extended timeline for careful planning? We are here to meet your needs.

Voyage Pro Media Creation Services

We offer several media services for creating high quality digital content. These services cover a range of production needs, optimized for affordability and customization. Contact Us to get an exact quote right away for your project!

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Project Planning


Upon booking your project with us, our friendly project manager will reach out to begin collaboration. We offer project planning services to ensure that during filming and afterwards, during post production everything is as efficient as possible. This helps keep the cost of production down. The best part is it is extremely affordable at just $39 per hour to plan your project. Our goal is to have your video plan fine tuned for your approval! Project Planning services can include any combination of the following:

  • Shot List: We Will Send Over A Completed List of Shots For Your Approval

  • Schedule: A Schedule Will Be Made to Ensure We Are As Efficient as Possible to Keep Your Production Cost Down

  • Script Creation: If You Would Like A Script Made, We can Collaborate with You and Create a Script Optimized for the Video(s)

  • Location Scouting: If Your Shoot Requires a Custom Location, We Can Scout and Find a Viable Location, We Also Offer 3 Studios!

  • Location Walkthrough: Whether the Shoot is at Your Office or Somewhere Off-Site, We can Meet With You to Discuss Logistics

  • Testimony Questions: For Shoots Involving a Person Speaking to the Camera, We can Assist with Coming Up With Questions

  • Storyboard Creation: Typically for Commercials, We can Make a Visual Storyboard and Send Your Way for Approval

  • Talent Casting: If You'd Like Talent In Your Video(s), We Can Find the Optimal Model/Actor Options for Your Approval

  • Props: We Can Gather Props For Your Shoot to Help Make the Shots Look As Cinematic as Possible


Examples of Project Planning Pricing:

  • Simple Shoots: 2 Hours of Project Planning = $78

  • Medium Sized Shoots: Shot List, Location Scouting, Schedule Making: 3-6 Hours of Project Planning = $117-$234

  • Large Scale Shoots: Majority of Listed Project Planning Elements: 5-10 Hours of Project Planning = $195-$390



Drone Cutout_edited.png


The production phase of creating your video(s) includes the time that the crew is on-site for filming. We offer a range of packages from small crew sizes to larger crew sizes. Depending on your scope of work, we will work with you to build the right sized production team. We charge hourly for our services, so it just depends on the needs for the shoot for what crew size is right for you and how long they will need to be on-site. Here are some details about our crew and equipment that we use

  1. Project Manager: All projects will have one of our awesome project managers dedicated to your project from the point of booking throughout the completion of the project. The project manager will be on-site during the shoot to make sure that everything is going great!

  2. Video Crew: The crew required for a video shoot can range from just 1 camera operator to 2-3 camera operators, lighting and audio technicians, as well as a director of photography to ensure perfection, gathering the most cinematic shots possible.

Optional audio recording, teleprompter, and lighting are fully included with each package for free.


Here is a List of Some of Our Equipment:

  • Camera Equipment

    • BlackMagic Pro 6K Cinema Cameras

    • Sony FX3's

    • Lens Ranging from 15mm-200mm F2.8. Canon Glass

  • Audio Equipment

    • Rhode Boom Microphones

    • Shotgun microphones

    • Lavalier microphones, Rhode and Sennheiser

    • Audio Recorders, Zoom Brand

  • Lighting Equipment

    • LED Panels

    • Quasar LED Tube Lights

    • Spotlights, Smallrig and GVM

    • Diffusion Silks

  • Support Equipment

    • Tripods

    • Gimbals

    • DJI Drones

    • C-Stands

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Post Production



We are extremely collaborative during the editing phase of your video project! Your dedicated project manager will offer to have an optional zoom call where we can share our screen and show you the edit at its current phase for your review and refinements. Our editing services are extremely affordable at just $39 per hour. We will send you a Dropbox link to download all of your files including the raw footage and all video edits. We can complete edits that are less than 5 minutes in length in 7 days or less. If you would prefer to have the footage delivered to you without editing from our side that is fine too! 

The raw footage from your shoot will be delivered to you for free.

Here is what is included within our editing services:

  • Refined Cutting for Storytelling

  • ​Color Grading

  • Sound Design

  • Adding Music

  • Effects and Transitions

  • Adding Graphics

Examples of Post Production Pricing:

  • Quick Video Editing for Simple Videos: 6-10 Hours of Editing = $312-$468

  • Moderate Video Editing Such As Interviews With B-Roll Footage Added: 8-14 Hours of Editing = $312-$546

  • Advanced Video Editing Such As Many Graphics and Additional Elements Added: 10-20 Hours of Editing = $390-$780


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