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Screening Call Application

Are you a talented individual when it comes to content creation? At our video production company, our dynamic hiring program is designed to engage and assess the potential of each candidate to the fullest. The journey begins with a screening of applicants' portfolios and résumés, ensuring we shortlist those who possess the right blend of experience and creativity. A preliminary phone call follows, allowing us to attain insight into the applicant's professionalism, communication skills, and overall fit for our team. Central to our search are individuals who demonstrate not just an exceptional talent for producing top-tier videos and content, but who also bring a positive attitude and friendly demeanor to our collaborative environment. Our ultimate aim is to assemble a team that can consistently deliver on our commitment to exceptional video production, while fostering a harmonious, inspiring workplace.

Fill Out the Form Below to Begin Your Application Journey

  • Will all RAW Footage be delivered to me?
    We will always deliver the RAW footage to any client. This will occur once the balance on the shoot has been completed. All RAW footage is delivered for download via a link on Dropbox.
  • How many revisions will my edit get?
    We have unlimited revisions for edits! We change hourly for our services so it will all depend on the time it takes to complete each revision.
  • How soon will I recieve my edit?
    Our editors will begin the post production process immediately once filming is wrapped. We typically deliver the final edit within 7 days after the shoot is completed. We also offer rush order edits in which our turnaround time can be 48 hours.
  • How fast can I book my shoot?
    Our typical rule is any shoot booked more than 7 days out is good to go. A shoot is booked with us once the contract is signed and the downpayment is made. If you would like to have your content shoot take place less than 7 days after booking there may be rush order fees.
  • What are the different packages offered?
    Information on all of our packages and services can be found at this link:
  • What are your travel fees?
    We typically charge $0.88 per mile.
  • What is the payment schedule?
    We typically split the payment into thirds. The first third is due upon signing as the downpayment, the 2nd third is due the day before the shoot, and the final 3rd is due 10 days after the shoot.
  • Why would I want a project manager on my shoot?
    The project manager role is made to assist with all logistics for a video shoot. Our project managers make sure everything goes perfect. Video shoots have many factors that make things complicated. The larger the shoot the more complex the planning is. For our larger packages (containing more crew members) we include a project manager to reduce stress on the client end. A project manager will assess all necessary filming elements and ensure all elements are properly planned.
  • Can I have my video shoot at night?
    In the event of a night video or photoshoot there is no additional fees.
  • What are the prices of your services?
    The pricing for our services can be found on our homepage if you scroll halfway to the bottom. If this is your first project with us we offer $100-$250 off your first video order.
  • What are your office hours?
    We are typically open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. Please email us for an in person appointment. Our email is
  • Why does my raw footage look unstaurated?
    If your footage is delivered and it looks color-less don't panic! This is normal and not an error. Professional footage is shot like this for a reason: We typically shoot all footage as S-Log3. This allows the editor to color the footage in post to their desire. This also allows the camera operator to work with a higher dynamic range of lighting. You can find out more about why your footage looks flat at this link:
  • What equipment does your crew use?
    4K Cinema Grade Cameras, 6K and 8K for larger shoots such as BlackMagic Cameras Canon Lens, cinelens for larger shoots Dracast Lighting Quazar Lighting DJI Gimbals; Ronan M, etc. Teleprompters Boom Mics, Lav Mics, and Shotgun Microphones Silks, Ultrabounces, and Magic Cloth Rail; Dollys etc 4K HD Monitors Tripods, Grip, etc
  • How many people are on the production crew?
    Depending on the size of your shoot it will vary. We also honor smaller crews upon request due to COVID. A crew can be as small as 1 camera operator (typically the Small Crew) all the way to 10 or 11 people (Large Crew shoots with a la cart add-ons for additional crew). The more variables involved the more people for quality control.
  • What happens if I need to reschedule my shoot?
    If rescheduling is due to a COVID reason we will waive all fees. If the shoot is signed and a date was agreed upon and the reschedule does not have to do with COVID then there will be a 5% rescheduling fee involved.
  • Do you guys handle props?
    Our crew will obtain props for a shoot for the cost of the prop plus a 25% fee.
  • Do you handle location permission?
    We will take over all location permission responsibilities (including using our liability insurance) and rent the locations for the cost of the location + a 25% fee.
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