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What makes us unique at Voyage Pro is that we are extremely collaborative, we charge for our services on affordable hourly rates and have a team of staff available to assist at all times. So unlike freelancers, we have near unlimited availability for collaboration, and unlike production companies, we are extremely affordable and give clients full control of how they want to collaborate with us and full control of the requests that they want us to create.

The vast majority of our services such as project planning, production, and post-production are charged on an hourly rate. Project planning and post-production services, if ordered, are charged based on the labor hours necessary to be worked by individual staff members. Production hours are charged based on all the necessary hours needing to be worked by our crew. We also offer modeling and photography services that are charged on an hourly rate as well. Typically, each of the service items, such as video production, will have an estimated crew arrival time and crew departure time from the filming set included on the proposal.


We want to make sure you’re always in the loop regarding all aspects of our teams contribution to your project. After booking, you will be provided with a link to an online portal where you will have a birds eye view of the progression of work on your project. This is where you can track all the hours put into your project, view summaries of work, and access other data about how your project is advancing. This dashboard gives you full control of managing your project and the hours worked by our staff.

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Digital Advertising



This package is great for capturing simple footage while keeping your budget in mind. The Solo Videographer package comes with 1 camera operator. There is no project manager on site and no lighting or audio included within this package. The camera operator can use a cinema camera or a drone. A free location walkthrough is included.

Examples of Solo Videographer are:

  • Simple Footage With No Direction Needed

  • Property Shots

  • Office B-Roll

  • Nature Footage

  • Prioritizing Budget

  • Run-and-Gun Footage


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Examples of Ideatech Work

Clinique Pool Party Event
Taco Guild: Walkthrough Video
Sheerwood Outdoors: Highlight Reel
Besins Group: Ferrari
Pro Hidrate: Social Media Edit
Lofts on 8th: Exterior
My Little Mascara Club: Stop Motion
Chef Turner: Private Dinner Event
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Website Development



This package is perfect for simple video shoots with minimal directions needed. There is 1 project manager and 1 camera operator using a cinema-level camera on site for the requested timeframe. Audio recording and lighting is included. A free location walkthrough is included.


Examples of Small Crew are:

  • Small Events

  • Shots With Professional Models

  • Simple Shots With Direction

Examples of Ideatech Work